Thursday, February 2, 2012

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  1. I need some Help. My name is Jennifer Flood. I live in Culver City, CA. I recently made Rick Simpson's hemp oil from a strain called Titan OG Kush that I purchased in Annaheim, CA. It had a TCH level of 23%, CBD level of 6.89. The oil came out to my knowledge perfect. It was pretty strong. I was putting them into capsules. One week, I put the syringe in water, and I believe, it caused the capsules to get mold and so she freaked out. None of the other ones had mold on them just that one specific week. Anyway, My question is I need to know if it is allright to store the hemp pills in the refrigerator and if you need to take the pills with anything? Can the pills make you sick? Vomit sick? How about dehydrate you? Do you believe the water caused the mold on the pills? Is Everclear a good Solvent to use with the process? My email Thank you very much for everyone reading this comment. I would appreciate anyone's help

  2. I have basil cell carcinoma and would like to see medicinal hemp oil made available to those of us who are willing to be the test cases for the cure!