Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guest Post: Power over Cancer

submitted by David Haas

Power over Cancer

Not too long ago, cancer patients did not have the luxury of joining a cancer support group.; Now, cancer patients can join online groups and still receive the same benefits as in-person groups. However, some people do not understand just how important these support groups are to cancer patients. There are groups that help people have or have gone through all different types of cancer including but not limited to breast cancer, colon cancer, and even rare cancers such as mesothelioma.

Often times, when patients undergo extensive cancer
treatment, their positive sense of well-being diminishes. Moreover, their body has to work extra hard to repair the healthy tissues and cells that the surgery and radiation treatment kills. These combined, can really hurt a person's sense of well-being, optimism, and positive outlook.

However, studies show that there is power in numbers, and this also applies to cancer support groups. Here are a few ways that cancer support groups help cancer patients.

It allows them to talk about their feelings

It is not healthy to bottle up your feelings and worries. Cancer support groups, like the
American Cancer Society, are designed to help patients express what is on their mind, helping them to explain their worries. After talking about their fears, patients can feel relief knowing they have told someone else what they are feeling who is going through the same thing.

It helps them understand their condition

Patients in remission can teach new patients what they should expect and what it will be like. Knowing this can help patients be prepared mentally and emotionally for their future, something doctors can rarely do for patients. Additionally, some patients don't understand everything their doctor tells them, usually because of stress and worry. In a relaxed setting, other patients can answer the new patient's questions, helping them even more to feel comfortable about their condition.

It is therapeutic

Patients who are in remission often have a sense of obligation to help new patients. Therefore, cancer support groups are just as much for patients who are in remission and also cancer-free. It allows them the opportunity to have closure about their condition and help new patients at the same time. This article from
cancer.about.com, also details how cancer support groups are therapeutic.


Virtually anyone can attend a cancer support group, even friends and family of people with cancer, or people who just want to learn more about cancer. Additionally, patients can also join online support groups, making it very easy to find a community of people who are going through the exact same cancer treatment.

By: David Haas

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