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Medicinal THC: “This is a miracle, “His doctors can’t explain it…”

Medicinal THC: “This is a miracle, “His doctors can’t explain it…”

July 5, 2011
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em 0 Medicinal THC: “This is a miracle, “His doctors can’t explain it...

thc Medicinal THC: “This is a miracle, “His doctors can’t explain it...

Desert Star Weekly | A Modern Day Shaman | June 30,2011

The time may be here when we can finally remove the first two words from the question, “What if cannabis cures cancer?” For years, I had heard about the pioneering work being done by a superhero named Rick Simpson in treating various forms of cancer with a super concentrated form of hash oil, but I had never encountered anybody who had tried the treatment – until now.

A recently discovered “friend of a friend” who lives in a nearby community has been making the oil for several years and has some amazing success stories to relate. Because he is a teacher, he needs to keep his identity on the “down-low,” so for this story, we will refer to him as The ShaMan, or SM.

ShaMan’s story started out innocently enough when he observed a close neighbor moving some equipment from his garage. His neighbor assumed SM would know the purpose of the equipment, but the future ShaMan didn’t have a clue his neighbor was a medical marijuana patient and had been growing marijuana right next door to him for over a year. His curiosity regarding the legality of this activity, and even more important, the stated health benefits, started SM’s quest to learn as much as he could about MMJ.

Being a teacher by profession and nature, ShaMan learned of the many different ailments that cannabis seemed to help; but what really caught his attention, was the effectiveness of the cannabinoids found in marijuana in shrinking various types of cancer tumors. His research eventually led him to Rick Simpson’s website ( which detailed how to make the oils used in treating many types of cancer and other diseases.

SM’s neighbor supplied him enough raw material to make up a small batch of oil, but, oddly, he had a difficult time finding anyone with cancer who was willing to try the treatment. “Most people are afraid to try any treatment outside of chemo and radiation even though some cancers have a zero percent chance of success like pancreatic cancer,” says The ShaMan.

Patient #1, a gentleman in his late 50’s, decided to use the oil as a last resort after his doctors sent him home with the expectation that he wouldn’t live for more than two weeks. By this time, his colon cancer had metastasized to Stage IV and had spread to both his lungs and liver. His immune system was ravaged from the effects of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

This patient was taught how to make the oil and was supplied with enough cuttings to make his medicine at home. According to SM, patient #1 began to feel better almost immediately. He still isn’t entirely cancer free, but two years later he is able to live a normal life and his cancer continues to improve.

“This is a true miracle,” says SM. “His doctors can’t even explain it. When he told them what he did, they said, ‘I don’t condone the treatment but I can’t argue with the results.”

Another success story is Patient #3, a co-worker, who had part of her bladder removed due to cancer. Her doctor recommended standard treatment consisting of chemotherapy and radiation “just to be sure” they got it all. She refused their treatment options and decided to use the oil instead. Her blood test results improved week by week to the point that she was told that she didn’t need to return to the clinic for 8 months for another test because her results had returned to normal. When she told her doctor of her alternative treatment, he said, “Keep it up. It’s working.”

The saddest case involved a woman who had been part of a clinical trial. Her cancer was not responding to the treatment and she was literally “melting away” in front of her concerned family and friends. Sleep was impossible and eating was a distant memory until she began using the oil.

She reports that she slept “like a rock” the very first night she tried the oil and awoke ravenous. Suddenly she was eating every couple hours when previously she couldn’t even look at food. In thirty-five days, she was cancer free.

You’d have thought her doctors would be jubilant at her recovery, but that was not the case. “They were soooo mad,” she exclaims. “They said they wasted $200,000 on me and if I wanted to cure myself, I should have done it before entering their research project. How crazy is that?” she asks.

Unfortunately for most patients, the oil is hard to come by due to the restrictions in place by the Federal government’s hard-line stand on marijuana. It’s time to put politics aside and let people chose for themselves the type of treatment they prefer. Americans for Safe Access have an excellent website for information, By clicking on the “Take Action” button, you can easily address lawmakers on a number of topics regarding medical marijuana.

Note: Many charlatans are jumping on the hash oil bandwagon, so buyer beware. Also some people are trying to cash in on Rick Simpson’s good name by using websites that are similar to his. He warns that has no connection to him whatsoever even though they are using his name.


  1. This article could use more details, like dosage, duration of treatment, and type of cancer for the saddest case. A little more detail would go a long way to help with credibility.

    Third hand testimonials with no real names makes this hard to believe.

    If these people were cured by Cannabis Oil, they should be grateful and give first hand testimonials. Not this anonymous patient stuff.

  2. I have been looking for this oil for past year, i have a family member with cancer , and this is hard to find the real good oil.. we live in los angeles and its still hard to find out here..